The World's First Sleepwear made from Mint and Bamboo


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The All-Season Sleepwear

Powered with the Softness of Bamboo and Coolness of Mint.
Be it summers or winters if your body
cannot regulate your core temperature you are bound to have a restless night.
Hence, we designed a fabric for all seasons that helps you sleep better!

Cool to the touch | 100% Plant Based
Thermoregulating | Odor Resistant

Benefits: Sleep Faster, Deeper and Better

The power of mint makes our fabric super cool to the touch! As soon as you put it on you’ll feel a wave of coolness which helps drop your body's core temperature. Coupled with darkness this triggers a surge of melatonin, our body’s sleep hormone, resulting in falling asleep faster. Not just that Mondgo’s fabric helps regulate your body’s temperature avoiding restless sweaty nights or chilly shivers allowing you to sleep deeper. Sleeping deeper in turn reduces your cortisol levels which helps with feeling calmer, relaxed and powered up for the next day!

More Features


Mondgo’s fabric is made from mint and bamboo, both are fine fibers which makes our sleepwear luxuriously soft and gentle to the skin, so much so that it’s touch
and feel is comparable to silk!

Odor Resistant

Say bye bye to sweaty odor. Wake up feeling fresh. The anti-bacterial properties of Mondgo fabric restricts the growth of bacteria. That means workout in pajamas can also be a thing!

Moisture Wicking

Our unique mint and bamboo fabric blend is highly absorbent. This helps in quickly wicking away sweat and moisture from your body allowing you to feel fresh dry and comfortable all night long.


Mondgo's breathable fabric allows temperature to be regulated on one side of the fabric against the other side. This keeps you cooler in the summers and warmer in winters.


Mondgo fabric is highly breathable because of its structure, the smooth strands do not snag against each other keeping the gaps in the weave free of blockages, allowing the air to flow freely.

How the magic is created

Mint+Bamboo+Wood pulp fibre
After a ton of iterations, our team came up with the best fabric composition. Gentle to the planet and yet better than silk or cotton. It has the best of both worlds. Here’s why:

Comparison of Fabric

Mondgo Fabric (Mint, Bamboo & Wood pulp fiber) 100% Vegan Silk
Super soft from day one and gets softer over time
Becomes rougher with every wash
Soft but hard to care for
Initially feels cool to the skin and then regulates temperature
Has thermoregulating properties
Retains more heat
Reduces Humidity & wicks 3x more moisture
Absorbs Moisture
Absorbs Moisture
Friendly to the environment & sustainably sourced
Use of pesticides & chemicals is common. Also uses 70% more water to grow
Involves harvesting and boiling of thousands of alive silkworm pupae for one pound of silk
Very expensive

Versatile, You do you


What size should I buy?

We have a range of sizes available and the best way to check which one to go for is through our size. We recommend measuring yourself in cm and comparing this with the chart to determine the best size for you and the kind of fit you’d like!

How do I wash my sleepwear?

Here’s our guide on how to wash your Sleepwear:
Wash: Inside-out in cold water on a delicate cycle with similar fabrics and colors.
Dry: lay-flat or tumble dry low
Please do not hang dry — this may cause the item to stretch or become misshapen.

Pro Tips:
Reduce wrinkles:
Use your getting- ready time as double duty and hang your silk in the bathroom while taking a steamy shower.
Use a steamer: Use a steamer on the garment at a low-medium heat setting.
Toss in the dryer: Simply toss the (already dry) item in the dryer for a few minutes on a low heat fluff cycle.

When will I get my order?

Our Mondgo Sleepwear is set to ship in end of March 2024.
Note that this is an estimate, as you’re pre-ordering and unforeseen production delays may arise.

What is your exchange & return policy?

You will have 30 days from the delivery date to request an exchange. We need the item(s) to be in an unused condition, in their original state and packaging. 

Please refer to our Returns and Exchange Policy.

What's the Mondgo fabric composition?

Mondgo's proprietary fabric is made from 15% mint viscose, 15% bamboo viscose and 70% wood pulp acetate fibre which are sustainably sourced and processed.

How long does the cooling sensation last with regular washing?

There are two things to know about the mint in our fabric: Firstly, our fabric is built using fibers made from mint and bamboo which naturally feels cool to the skin upon touch and this cooling effect never washes away. Secondly, our fabric goes through a special mint oil treatment which offers antibacterial properties and lasts for up to 50 washes. So even after 50 washes when the mint oil effect washes away, the cooling effect will still remain intact due to the fact that the fabric is made using mint and bamboo fibers.

Do I need to pay any customs duties ?

Import taxes, duties, VAT, tariffs or customs fees levied on your items will be your responsibility. 

Still need help?

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